How to Make an Input List and Stage Plot

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On the previous article on How to Get into Touring, I mentioned Input Lists and Stage Plots, their importance, and how to make them. For those of you that already know what they are, bare with me for a minute.

Input Lists

An Input List is exactly what it sounds like. This is a list from 1-whatever on what your artist needs to get plugged into the soundboard and in what order.

An input list generally consists of:

  • Channel Number (1-24 for example)
  • Input name (Kick In, Snr top, etc.)
  • Which Microphone (Beta 52)
  • Who provides them (Provided by Artist or Production)
  • Which Stand (Tall Boom)
  • Notes (+48v, etc)

Here is an example of a basic one for a rock or pop band.

There is another version referred to as “festival input lists”. These input lists are for multiple artists plugging into the same split snake. This is normally made by the patch tech or the monitor tech on whatever show/festival. You send in your input list to your advance contact and they create one to work for them. These are additional columns that this input list will have (Often referred to as a Festival Patch List)

Festival patch list contains:

  • Artist (in order of performance)
  • Stage box number
  • Stage box colour
  • Notes

Here is an example of a festival patch list:

Stage Plots

Stage plots are a drawing of the configuration of your artist’s stage layout to give the local crew an idea of what’s about to happen.

Here is an example of a basic stage plot. You can create these for free from the link below. I made this in less than 3 mins.

Also, here is a more elaborate example that I made in excel. This version includes risers, power drops, mix numbers, backdrops, etc. This is most useful when you are rolling into a one-off or not carrying your own kit. This way the local crew can properly prep.

Email us at [email protected] if you want free downloadable templates.

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