5 New Year’s Resolutions For Roadies

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We did it! Another lap around the sun, another couple hundred gigs, and another pile of countless nights that you’ll kinda remember. Is it just me or does it feel like 2019 again? With a new year rolling over it gives us the opportunity to pause and reflect. Here are “5 New Year’s Resolutions For Roadies”.

A lot of these topics can be a little generic, so let’s break each of them down to know why they’re important, and how we can try to implement them into our lives on the road.

1. Learn To Smell The Roses

This lands at the top of my list of resolutions every year. We have an incredible job and I wouldn’t change it for the world. If you’re like me tho, it can be extremely tough to feel grateful for the life we live when we’re deep in tunnel vision. Not to mention being tired, hungry, burnt out, and/or just had enough.

Why Is It Important?

If you’ve seen anything from Gary V, you know that one of the main things that he preaches is to have humility, gratitude, and a lack of fear. These are the apparent keys to happiness.

How To Implement?

Conquer those 3 things above and you will be happier on the road. Have the humility to keep your ego in check. Have the gratitude to appreciate the big and small things that make our lives so great. And lastly, disregard fear and self-judgment to give you the ability to keep a firm grasp on your emotions.

Easy right? Let’s baby-step this and maybe start trying it one at a time.

2. Be Healthier On The Road

What a waste of a resolution, am-I-right? Every year… Sorry, every tour, I make a plan to be healthier on the road. I go deep into researching the new cutting-edge workout routines that I can do in any gym, (or any venue) in less than 15 mins. I try to make adjustments to my diet to make me smarter, clear-headed, and full of energy. Although generally, I only get through the first week or so with respectable self-care habits. Week 2 is another story.

Why Is It Important?

To be the strongest, toughest, best version of yourself is to give yourself the proper tools. Your body and mind are more important than anything else on the road.

How To Implement?

To be honest, I don’t know. When I’m at home, I crush. When I’m on the road, I get crushed. Somebody hellllpppp meeee.

My real advice is to start small. Wander the city on days off to keep the blood flowing. Try to eat vegetables at least once a day. Get more sleep, take the stairs, and lastly, maybe cool it with the voodoo donuts.

3. Be Wiser With Money

I’m not saying pinch your pennies. I’m saying blow less of it while on the road and the money is flowing in. Look, I get it. I like to buy shoes. But, I don’t need 2-3 new pairs per tour. Let’s leave the hemorrhaging money on the road to the artists.

Why Is It Important?

Simple. This doesn’t last forever. What if you get sick, or hurt to the point where you can’t tour anymore? Or, if you’re fortunate to do this late into your life and have accomplished enough, maybe you wanna retire one day.

How To Implement?

Spend less and start putting a little aside from each paycheck. This is a great book on how to get rich in the slow, non-sexy, safer way.


This list has been a bit of a buzzkill so far. Let’s get it going with something a little less dreary. As a TM, I’m not suggesting that you jump out of a plane on your day off. Although, I am suggesting that you get fired up once in a while.

Why Is It Important?

More often than not, this job is high-pressure. Something I’ve learned the hard way over time is that if you don’t find a way to simmer as you’re heating up, then you don’t get to choose it when you finally boil over.

How To Implement?

Do something for yourself, at least once every week. Whether it’s getting baseball tickets, hitting the beach, or hitting the pub with everyone on a day off, find a positive outlet to blow off some steam.

5. Dedicate More Time To Loved Ones

Probably the number one thing that people say on their deathbed is that they wished they’d not worked so hard and that they got to spend more time with loved ones. I have 2 little kids. Leading up to Christmas is an amazing time that we won’t ever get back. Nowadays, it has to be a pretty amazing offer to get me to work right up until Christmas.

Why Is It Important?

Just like money, this can all come and go without a moment’s notice. How many of you have missed funerals, weddings, birthdays, etc? Those are the things that really matter.

How To Implement?

Start by telling your friends and family that you love them. Then, make time for them. Put in the work. Something as simple as a phone call when you’re really busy or meeting for a coffee when you’re in the same city goes a long way. You likely can’t be around for everything, so be present when you’re actually with your loved ones. Less phone, more human interaction.


Well… Is it gonna be a new year, a new you, or the same shit, different year? Either way… here are 5 New Year’s Resolutions For Roadies. Let’s revisit in June/July to see how we’re doing.

Hit me if you have other resolutions that you think should make the cut for 2024. [email protected]

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