5 Supplements To Crush Your Load In

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Alright here we go, the latest and greatest of the Short N Sweet section of Backstage Culture with “5 Supplements To Crush Your Load In”… in 500 words or less. (Who’s counting?)

One of the main lessons that I’ve learned the hard way while touring is that You have to take care of your body and mind, or they won’t take care of you. Think about everything that you accomplish in a day on tour. What if you had to do it sick? What if you had to do everything slower because you’re in pain? The days would suck substantially more. Here are the 5 Supplements that I bring with me on tour.

*** Listen… Take this with a grain of salt. What works for me, might not work for you. I’m not a doctor, this isn’t medical advice.


Maybe it’s cuz I’m a bit of a meathead, but I love bro science. I try to get 30-50g’s of protein in every meal. When I don’t get enough, I feel it, and I supplement accordingly. On days off (Gym days) I add 5g of creatine to my post-workout shake. Get Some.

Here’s my go-to protein. Perfect Sport’s – Diesel cuz its lactose free and not full of sugar.


If you feel weak, tired, and sluggish in the afternoon, chances are you’re dehydrated. If you’re working outside in the heat, you’re probably sweating out more electrolytes than you’re taking in. Up your electrolytes game before reaching for another coffee. I bet your headache will go away as well.

Here are my go-to Hydrators. 1. Re-Lyte or, 2. Liquid IV (more sugar)


If you’re anything like me, you have a hard time getting to sleep on tour. With the schedule and time zone changes, it’s tough to keep a bedtime routine. I used to take 10 mg a day… then I found I was having a hard time rolling out of my bunk in the morning. I saw a Naturopath and she told me I was probably just taking too much. 2.5 mg of sublingual (dissolves under your tongue) as I’m getting into my bunk does the trick.

This is the one that I take – Quick Dissolve Melatonin I break the 5mg tablets in half.

Vitamin D

Uhh… So you’re telling me that not seeing the sun for days on end isn’t healthy? Yes… That’s exactly what I’m saying. When you wake up and go into a venue with the lights off all day, then load out in the dark, it takes its toll on your body and mind. I take 3000-5000 IU of Vitamin D daily while on the road and try to get outside for fresh air whenever possible.

This is my go-to – Natural Factors Vitamin D3


It’s rumored that Magnesium and Vitamin D only really work if you take both of them. Again, I’m not a doctor, but I take them both. Magnesium can also act as nature’s ibuprofen. Here’s a quick link from @drjamesdinic to show the different kinds of Mg and how they benefit you.


That’s it. Stay healthy out there.

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  1. Good information for sure. As a retired senior I take vitamin D supplements and a multivitamin daily. Did not know about the magnesium but will give it a try.

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