This is the best job in the world.

Our Story
Our Story

At Backstage Culture, we’re creating a community for full-time roadies, soon-to-be Roadies, and for those looking to peel back the layers to see how it all works.

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT the grumpy roadie society. The idea here is to keep it all pretty light-hearted while serving it straight.

That being said, we’re always looking for help. Roadies aren’t necessarily known for keeping their mouth shut. If you wanna write an article, Hit us up. If you have a couple of ideas for a topic that you think needs some attention, or even have some cool photos of concerts that you’d like to get added, hiiiit usss uppp. This is a community. The more involvement, the better.

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How It All Started

From Jawsh – Editor/Founder @ Backstage Culture

Man, quarantine hit hard. Tour got canceled and I had to go home. I sat at home with nothing to do for the first time in a decade. Although I was going crazy, I finally had the guilt-free time to spend on all of those side projects that I had always talked about. Within 2 weeks I had reclaimed a bunch of barn wood, changed all of the doors in my house, and shaved my head.

I did what every natural-born hustler did in 2020. Tried to figure out dropshipping through Amazon. But everything I was learning about told me to “Find your niche”. Liiiiike I don’t already work in a niche market that I happen to be well versed in.

So I got talking to my wife about selling tour related products and the plan fell into place.

First Steps:

I had always talked about doing a touring industry related podcast. You know how it is. Everyone wants to hear the stories. But for me, to be honest, I kinda need a bit of editing. I can talk. But if you’ve ever been on tour with me, you know I can also put my foot in my mouth. Wanting this to be a positive outlet and not negatively affect my career, I figured that a little bit of proofreading would do me some good.

Originally, I was gonna do all of these articles anonymously. Like I say, I didn’t want this to affect my career. I didn’t wanna get real in an article, then it cost me a gig. But Fuck that. Like it, or love it. That’s just the way I am.

So… I started writing and making memes on Instagram. Apparently, I have a lot to say. Since April (2020) this has grown to something unimaginable. Roadies from all over the world reaching out for all sorts of reasons. Some with ideas for articles, some to say how painfully relatable this is, while others are just looking to tell someone how shitty of a human they are. Regardless, I’m grateful for every like, dm, comment, follow, you name it. This is the best.

Uhh… Now What?

Here we are. The store is coming soon. Articles are continuously being written. Whether or not they get published is negligible. Even if it’s slowly, we’re consistently moving forward. And that’s all we can ask of ourselves.

Hit me anytime. I can’t wait to meet you all in person once we get moving again. Stay Safe out there.