Love it or hate it, Two-Way radios are the unsung hero of touring communication. The days of flickering a flashlight from side-stage should be left in the past where they belong. Although for some reason, when I’m handing out radios on the first morning, I’m unpleasantly greeted with sighs andContinue Reading

This quarantine shit is crazy. Week 8 or 9 of being locked inside is taking its toll. I’m gonna talk about how this has affected me directly as a crew guy. I’m looking forward to connecting on socials to see where everyone’s at. I don’t want this to be aContinue Reading

Alright, if you wanna lose faith in humanity, travel international economy class without status. These flights are the epicenter of the leisure traveler. From arriving at the airport to check-in to walking out of customs on the other side, this is the god damn worst. Let’s not get it twisted.Continue Reading